We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our page, sourdough scones! 

Our scones are baked fresh every morning and we have two different flavors, blueberry lemon and coffee chocolate chip!

You can add these to your bread order or order them alone. 

Our handcrafted artisan style sourdough breads are made with fresh ingredients and a wild sourdough culture. Each bread weighs just under 2lbs, is naturally fermented for up to 15 hours and baked the night before you pick-up! 

Fresh loaves are made for pick-up every Wednesday and Saturday morning. If you would like to pick-up on a different day, please add the date in the notes section at check-out. 

Order Policy

Please note, since we use a 100% natural leaven and ferment our dough for 15 hours, it takes about 24 hours to complete each sourdough bread. For that reason, orders must be placed 48 hours before the next pick-up window.   

Ordering Window 

For Wednesday Pick-up: Orders must be placed by Monday, at 11:00AM 

For Saturday Pick-up: Orders must be placed by Thursday at 11:00AM 


If you would like a flavor that you don't see on our products list, please send us an email and we will try our best to create it for you!